Founding Team


Engineer on tech at Sensibull, Balajee is a programmer with over 7 years of experience who worked on at various points: 3D rendering in OpenGL for scientific visualizations, microservices for enterprise GIS data and SPAs in React+Redux. Functional programming zealot.

♡ Haskell and JS. Slave to coffee and a cat. Can build anything!


Abid traded options all his working life. During this, he managed the second biggest currency options book on NSE, and was in a 4 trader team, trading all of ICICI’s cross-currency derivatives. He started Sensibull in 2013 to help his fellow traders trade better, but that hit regulatory roadblocks back then. After that, he was the COO of a mobile payments startup, and after its acquisition, he worked as the Product Manager for qplum, an algorithmic investment platform. He is also a member of SEBI’s Alternative Investments Policy Advisory Committee.

Currently, he is chasing his dream of making retail investors win in the capital markets with Sensibull. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Science from NIT, Calicut, and a PGDM from IIM, Ahmedabad.


Abhimanyu is the engineer behind the tech at Sensibull, which he hopes to scale to a large number of retail investors in India. Initially driven by his interest in algorithms, he started building deployable software during his Masters. After developing a very simple custom CRM for IIT Kanpur Placement Cell, and a "Smart MOOC System for Bandwidth Constrained Networks" as his thesis, he joined HackerRank in 2014 as a Full Stack Engineer, and worked on the community site of HackerRank.

Abhimanyu holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from NIT Calicut, and a Masters from IIT Kanpur.