No one can whistle a symphony.
It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

Abid sensibull co-founder
Abid Hassan

A trader all his life, Abid traded derivatives for STCI, ICICI, and IIFL. He started Sensibull in 2013, but that hit regulatory roadblocks back then. This is his second attempt at the same.

Abid is an alum of NIT Calicut and IIM Ahmedabad. He is a member of SEBI’s AIPAC Committee on hedge funds.

Abhijeet sensibull Customer Outreach
Customer Outreach

Abhijeet is a gadget and tech freak who beats the rest of his team in the latest tech trivia. He likes reading, has a peculiar taste in photography, and unquenchable love for food. Few people know that he has good drawing skills as well. In his free time, you’ll see him troubleshooting, playing Cricket or FIFA, or binge watching a whole series over a weekend.

Abhijeet holds an Electrical engineering degree from NIT Kurukshetra.

Abhimanyu sensibull co-founder
Asnim P Ansari

Programmer interested in Options trading & High-Frequency Trading. Asnim cracked the 2017 SV.CO programme and was a one among the delegates from Kerala to Silicon Valley.

He loves to travel in his leisure time.

Balajee sensibull co-founder

Balajee is a programmer with over 7 years of experience. A functional programming zealot, Balajee holds a B Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Calicut.

Chandan Sensibull Engineer

Chandan is a full stack developer with over 4 years of experience in building B2C products. Formerly at Myntra, SmartShift. An investor with interest in Options trading. Loves JavaScript and functional programming. Always up for a carrom challenge. Mostly found tinkering around with gadgets and electronics.

Dhruva Jain Sensibull Options Trainer
Dhruva Jain
Options Trainer

Doing my bit to educate people about options and trading. Fascinated by markets, technology and the human mind. Motto in life is- 'Go for the spectacular'. Engineer from BITS Pilani Goa Campus, I'm into reading, sports, and astronomy.

Jayaram Kannan Sensibull Engineer
Jayaram Kannan

Jayaram Kannan(KJ) started his career with Goldman Sachs a few years back. Later he renounced evil wall street and became a full-stack developer. When he isn't busy doing financy things he likes to keep himself busy by playing his guitar and admiring John Frusciante - nobody in the team knows who that is.

Madhukar Sensibull Engineer
UI Developer

A UI developer with over 4 years of experience in Developing Web Applications. He holds a B.E in Information Science from CIT. Madhukar worked with Sapient, VizExperts, and Thoughtshows&events as a UI Developer & Designer.

Lloyd Sensibull Engineer
Quality Assurance

Lloyd has over 5 years of experience in software testing and has developed multiple in-house frameworks for test automation. He is always ready to automate things which makes life very simple. His hobbies are photography and traveling.

Sidtharth Sensibull Engineer

Sidharth is a full stack developer who loves creating awesome products. Sidharth holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University. Loves playing squash and hiking.

Sidtharth Sensibull Engineer
Nagaraj Hegde

Nagaraj is a full stack developer. He holds BE in Computer Science from VTU. He loves Python. When he is not working he loves to spend time listening to podcasts, browsing Reddit or playing PC games.

Justin Customer Outreach
Melvin Davis

Melvin loves to code. Design is his language, be it writing code or composing a piece of music. He is a hardcore Gopher though his interests lie primarily in the frontend. He loves to talk over a cup of coffee and he does it a lot.

Lloyd Sensibull Engineer
Dhruv Shikhar

Dhruv is a full-stack developer who is driven by creating real value from his code. He holds a B.Tech in civil engineering from IIT BHU. He believes in building the unbuilt. He is extremely passionate about cricket, played it for the better part of 12 years. Apart from that he's an avid traveller, reader and fitness enthusiast. His motto in life is "Make life a vacation, you don't need a break from !"