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What does Sensibull do?

Imagine you are new to options.

You think that NIFTY is not going to go below 10300. Or SBI is going to stay between 270 and 330. But you are not sure which option or strategy to trade to maximize your return. Buy call? Sell Put? Call Spread? Which strike and expiry?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could tell a platform your prediction in plain English, and the platform gives you the most profitable Options Strategies for you to trade? What if these strategies come with a limited maximum loss, so that you can control the risks you take, and sleep in peace?

Wouldn’t it be great if the same platform could warn you of upcoming events which can affect your trade, like an RBI policy or a GDP data release, or SBI’s results?

Finally, what if you could track your options or strategies in the same platform, see the max profit, max loss, etc, visualize your options P&L at various levels of the stock using simple, beautiful graphs, like this?

Sounds great? Right? Sensibull is for you

I am new to Options. Do you provide any training?

We provide world-class options trading education for absolutely free! Check out

It has free Webinars, blogs, articles, books, and other resources by Sensibull and other leaders in Options from across the world

Why do I need an Options Trading Platform? I thought if the market goes up, I will just buy a call, and if the market is going down, I will buy a put

Nothing could be further from reality. Options are affected by many more things others other than the stock price, such as volatility and time. Sometimes for an up move, it is better to sell a put than buy a call and for a down move, it is better to sell a call than buy a put.

In fact, you could have a situation where:

you can lose money after buying a call despite the market going up

you can lose money after buying a put despite the market going down

But worry not, Sensibull simplifies all of this, does all of the math, and tells you what is the best option or strategy to trade your view. It tells you which strike, which expiry, what is the maximum profit and loss to expect, ROI, the risk level, and so on.

Sounds great! So what all can I do on Sensibull?

We help you understand options with free education so that you can make the best choices for yourself - Here

If you have a view, we tell you which is the best option strategy to trade that view with - Option Strategies - Watch Demo Video Here

We help you visualize your trades’ profit and loss under various scenarios with beautiful graphs. We help you track your positions, help you do a scenario analysis of your trades - Here

If you are confused whether to buy a call or sell a put, we can simplify your decision here - Call or Put Analyzer

We help you create custom strategies to trade your view and visualize the P&L - Builder

We make it easy for you to get a view based on option chain, FII data, using volume, OI, IV, IVP etc - Option Chain, Option Central Open Interest App - Watch video here

We DO NOT tell anyone what is our view on the market, or when to enter and exit a trade

We DO NOT recommend any particular scrip to a user

Ummm. I do not want to pay anything right away. You got stuff for free?

Yes! We have a 7 day trial for all our features. And after that we have a free version. Here is a list of our free features

  • Education
  • FII Buy Sell Data
  • Option Chain
  • OI Analysis
  • Events Calendar

I want to do some experimenting with paper trading. You got it?

We will be launching paper trading by the middle of November 2018

Do you have a free version?

Yes! We have a 7 day trial for all our features. And after that we have a free version which you can choose. Here is a list of our free features

  • Education
  • FII Buy Sell Data
  • Option Chain
  • OI Analysis
  • Events Calendar

Are you a part of Zerodha?

We are an independent start up which has tied up with Zerodha. That said, we are endorsed by, and are officially a partner of Zerodha.

Being in a close partnership with Zerodha helps us work with the tech and business teams of Zerodha to bring you the best user experience.

In future, we will launch Sensibull with other broker partners

Can you manage money for me?

Derivatives trading in someone else's account is not legal according to SEBI. We would continue striving to provide you with every tool to enable you to do your trading yourself.

Can you suggest me some books and some resources to read?

We have put together a collection of videos, articles, blogs, books and other resources from all over the world here:

Do you have phone support?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer phone support of any kind as we are a small startup of only 6 people. We try to invest every minute we have in to improving the product experience and building better tech. We do not simply have the bandwidth to do sales, marketing, or extremely non-critical support.

We have made the platform in such a way that it talks to you. For platform usage, there are instructional videos and instructional text in every page of the platform.

You can see all the videos for how to use the platform together in this section

These videos were made personally by the founders and option traders, and are way more comprehensive and instructional than any support executive's call

If you still need help, please drop a mail to

Do you plan to launch a mobile app?

Yes, absolutely! We plan to get one out by the end of this year