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What is Sensibull?

Sensibull is India’s First and Largest Options Trading Platform.

Why should I trade Options?

Options give you higher returns than equities and mutual funds, in a faster time frame. They are less risky compared to futures and require lower funds.

In Options Strategies, your maximum profit and loss are limited. So no matter what happens, even in a market crash, your losses are fixed to a small number, and you have complete peace of mind.

Why should I use Sensibull?

With Sensibull you can

  1. Trade Options by just guessing up or down. Simple as that!
  2. Get protection from big losses, even if market crashes
  3. Practice Trading without Real Money through Virtual trading
  4. Get clues to market direction and find great trades with Data
  5. Learn how to trade Options
  6. Get free trading advice on Whatsapp
  7. Set alerts on price and P&L on Whatsapp

Trade Options Strategies

  1. EasyOptions - With Easyoptions, you can just guess up or down, and get a strategy for your prediction. This strategy comes with a limited loss, which means no matter where the market goes, you will not lose more than a fixed amount.

  2. Strategies Wizard - You can give a target for a stock or index here, and Strategies Wizard will give you the best strategies from thousands of combinations possible.

  3. Strategy Builder - With this, you can create your own Option Strategies, analyse their payoffs, calculate max profit, max loss, Greeks, etc and trade it. You can also analyse your existing trades with Strategy Builder

  4. Virtual Trading - If you are new, and you want to try trading without real money, you can do that with EasyOptions, Strategies Wizard, and Builder. They all come with Virtual trading Options.

  5. Free Advice - If you are completely new to trading, you can get free advice with real-time Whatsapp alerts on when to enter, exit, etc.

Here is a short demo video

Here is a long demo video

F&O Data

We have several data features to help you trade better. They are:

  1. Option Chain -The most important Option Data source. 100% free
  2. Open Interest Analysis - Get insights into market direction with this powerful tool
  3. FII DII Data - See what the big institutions are buying and selling
  4. Screener - Find great trades using this dedicated F&O screener
  5. Stocks Dashboard, Technical Signals, IV charts and more

Learn Options Trading

You can learn more about options trading here . There are free as well as premium courses. You can get the app for learning here

Why should I trust Sensibull? Are you SEBI Registered?

Sensibull comes to you through an official partnership with your broker, and with the approval of their teams and the exchange. We never touch your money, we do not use your data for any sort of trading, nor do we trade on your behalf. We are a SEBI registered Research Analyst with strictest compliance checks in place

What are the charges for Sensibull?

You can see it here

Is there a free trial?

Yes, we have a 7-day free trial in which you can use every pro feature of Sensibull 100% free. You can activate your trial here. After the free trial, we put you on a free plan automatically. We do not have any hidden charges, and you will not be charged anything for taking a trial. No credit card required either.

Is there a free version?

Yes. A lot of features of Sensibull are free. Almost every feature has a free preview. You are automatically put on the free plan when you register with us. You can check your plans here

What can I trade on Sensibull?

You can trade Nifty, Bank Nifty, and stock futures and options. Depending on your broker, you can also trade Rupee-Dollar. We are thinking about commodity options in the future.

Can I trade without real money?

Yes. You can do that with Virtual trading

Do you do trading on my account?

No, we do not trade on your account. There are no trades which Sensibull does in your account in automated, or any other way. The only trades in Sensibull are the ones you do manually.

Can you manage money for me?

Derivatives trading in someone else's account is not legal according to SEBI. We would continue striving to provide you with every tool to enable you to do your trading yourself.

Do you have a Mobile App?

Yes. We have separate apps for the trading platform and the learning platform

  1. Trading

  2. Learning App

Do you have phone support?

Unfortunately, we do not have phone support. We are a small startup of fewer than 20 people, and phone support does not scale well for us. We do have chat support and email support and we are very responsive. You can reach us on